the perfect valentine's day gift.

Hello everyone. So my friend Adriana from Fake Leather teamed up with Dscuento [which is a really cool website with tons of coupons and cool discounts on our favorite stores, check it out!] and are giving away a limited edition Carolina Herrera perfume this Valentine's Day for one lucky Mexican blogger! [how cool is that?!] The perfume is for girls and I'm obviously a guy, but it would make a really nice gift for a loved one which is why I decided to take part in this contest. The question that they asked us bloggers was "what would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you?"

Now let's see.. that is a good question that I never really thought of until now, what would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for me? I have never really celebrated the holiday since I'm always single when this day comes around [lucky me haha], but if I wasn't I think I would for sure love to receive a pair of Dr. Marten's Harlen which I have been having my eye on for so long! [yeah yeah, call me material but these shoes are pretty dope.] The cool thing about Dscuento is that you can find some pretty good discounts on just about anything, from electronics to clothes. In my case I found some great shoe sites on here, check out this link. Now going back to my perfect gift, I have seen so many bloggers wearing them including Pelayo from Katelovesme, Elias from Studded Boy, and my friend Ruben from CYA and can't get over how cool they are! I must have them! So yup, that would be the perfect V-Day gift for me. Good luck to all the bloggers taking part in this contest and happy Valentine's Day to all!


Oh and another thing.. for those of you who know me personally or follow me on instagram, you already know how much of a pizza addict I am, kinda like how Pete Doherty was addicted to drugs, well I am addicted to pizza [terrible joke, ily Pete]. But yup, true story. Check out this picture I found of a really clever way to ask someone out on Valentine's Day! I think I would probably die if this happened to me!

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