see you on a dark night.

Whenever I don't know what to wear or lack of inspiration, I usually throw out all the black and grayscale clothing that I have and pick out something from there. I am partially color blind which is something many of you probably did not know, therefore coming up with outfits full of color is a bit of a pain for me. In my personal opinion, you can't ever go wrong with a black or gray outfit no matter what season of the year or time of day it is. In this case I paired an ombre sweater with some faded skinny jeans along with my chelsea boots and black pea coat.  Hint: If you are a black obsessed person like myself and sometimes feel that your looks are too 'dark', try adding a little discrete pop of color to your outfit like I did with these bright green socks.

photos by Diego.


Listening to: Grimes - Oblivion


Alex Tolosa said...

Ola ke ase, bloggeando o ke ase?

Eduardo Garpe said...

Quiero tu sombrerito!!!

Hotchocolate4Sunshine said...

Awesome Outfit.

x Angie